Placeholder  ImageNorth South is a dedicated "FURNITURE" buying group, focused on furniture and beds  without the distractions of other product groups or divisions to allow  us to simply focus on our core goal "providing the best possible  furniture products at the best possible prices" for our members.

North South was formed in 1998 by a group of New Zealand based furniture retailers  with the firm resolve to creat a dedicated furniture buying group that  with the combined buying power of our independent retailers, would make  them competitive against the large chain stores.

North South acts as an important "broker" of deals between the suppliers and  retailers. Our role is important to both our suppliers and retail  members with our ability to present buying meetings and bulk buying  opportunities, as well as an important influence to encourage retailers  to be loyal to those participating suppliers are reflected in the  discount structures negotiated with these suppliers.

Aims & Objectives

North South's aim is to provide its members with carefully sourced furniture from  around the world that represents stylish design, good craftsmanship and  incredible value in order to help our members grow their businesses and  become more profitable.

We aim to supply services to members which provide the advantages of lower cost - comparable to larger national competitors - while concurrently  allowing members the advantages of autonomy, such as individuality,  creativity, local ownership and independence in their marketing areas.

Through the group's huge buying power, wealth of knowledge and global contacts, North South continually strives to obtain a wide selection of top brand name  products, together with a stimulating mix of non branded furniture and  exclusive designs. North South members are therefore able to offer extremely competitive retail pricing while enjoying increased margins.


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