North South members are specifically selected to ensure a wide geographical  representation and also to ensure each member shares the aims and  philosophy of the group.

Many of North South's members are family businesses who are well established in their areas  and are renowned for their excellent local reputations for providing  affordable, quality furniture backed by outstanding customer service.

Becoming a member of North South can be one of the best decisions you can make as a furniture retailer. North South does not believe in the philosophy of compulsory purchasing within the  group, instead it enables its members to select product ranges from the  wide portfolio available.

  • North South does not charge you a joining fee.
  • North South does not charge it's members any monthly or on going fees.
  • There is NO compulsory purchasing of product.
  • There is NO compulsory allocation of stock.
  • You do NOT have to buy shares in the group.

As a group we provide and will continue to negotiate better deals for our  members from NON product services such as; hire purchase finance, Visa  & MasterCard card rates, catalogue distribution, NZRMA membership  rates, all things that go towards making you a little more profitable.

Why North South?

Where There’s A WILL

  • You WILL not lose your identity.
  • You WILL not lose your say.
  • You WILL not lose any control over your business.
  • You WILL buy better.
  • You WILL make more money.
  • You WILL be taken seriously by our suppliers.
  • You WILL be competitive in your area.

Thank you for taking the time to read about North South. I have attempted to cover most points and attempted successfully I  hope, to convince you that there are just no negatives to being part of North South, but there are some huge advantages.

Please fell free to contact me at any time to ask any questions or to have any points clarified, I would love to talk with you.


North South provides members with a wealth of knowledge and ideas through  networking and communication. This is achieved through exhibitions,  buying meetings, overseas discovery tours & conferences each year  where members meet to discuss topical trade issues, our supplier base  and associated merchandise.

For the most part, North South members are non-competing retailers. This fact promotes the sharing of  ideas during our exhibitions and meetings giving suppliers the  opportunity to interact with the members in a casual, friendly  atmosphere, fostering long-term relationships.


North South prints individualised catalogues for the stores. Not only a name  change-out but individual offers, price changes and selected product  change-outs are allowed. Also a selection of catalogue types, sizes and  paper stock to enable you to Taylor make your catalogue to suit your  individual town or position in the market or the target market you want  to attract, for each and every catalogue.

These catalogues are heavenly subsidised with the intention of makingĀ  them a very affordable and necessary marketing tool for you.

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